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A real TVT story. By a real patient.

A real TVT story. By a real patient.

The following was written by a woman who has had one of the last TVT slings available in the Hunter region. 

The stress she was put through beforehand with the Fake News stories is terrible.  She deserves an apology.

Here is her Real Story by Mrs VM.

" I am a woman 71 years old.  I have given birth to five children in the last 53 years.

For a great many years I have been mildly incontinent.  I have managed it by thinking it was my lot in life having the five children.

Last year almost by accident my GP discovered this and assured me it was not necessary to live this way, and referred me to Dr Oliver Brown who explained everything to me and I was booked in for surgery.

In the meantime, having told a few friends what I was having done there began almost a fear campaign.  I was given clippings from newspapers to read... one even said a lady had died from this operation.  I will add that reading past the headlines and at the bottom of the story the journalist admits that the cause of death had not been discovered.

The whole thing made me very uneasy and I rang Dr Brown with a thought that I might even cancel.

I also spoke to many people who to my surprise had this operation done years ago and without exception they all recommended that I go ahead.

After reassurance from Dr Brown I went ahead with the surgery which was an overnight stay in hospital.  

After 4 weeks recovery time I am back to my old self with a completely new outlook  It has been everything I hoped and more.

I think it is such a shame that people aren't having this done.  The fear campaigns by the media, obviously without proper research, can do so much harm.

My confidence has certainly had a boost by what has been done and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who has been in my position"


And there you have it.  This woman is a no nonsense matriarch and was  an inspiration to look after - she calls her incontinence mild.... you and I would call it true misery and would feel very sorry for ourselves.

But she has a happy ending.  

What will happen now to the others with those same problems?  

The silent majority will have to speak up to get the TVT back.  



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