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My First Blog Post!

My First Blog Post!

Hello and welcome to the first blog post.

In this forum I'm going to concentrate on gynaecology rather than obstetrics.

I do a lot of posting on babies in the Facebook page so please check it out - https://www.facebook.com/droliverbrown/

For me last week was a tale of two women with stress incontinence - leaking with coughing or exercise - a hot topic just now with lawyers and journalists. One woman cancelled her planned surgery for the current gold standard treatment after reading stories in the newspaper that had raised fear and doubt in her mind regarding the TVT.

Another woman I saw back for a post-op check after her TVT procedure 6 weeks ago. She too had read stories but we talked through the evidence in medical journals and my experiences of having done TVT's for almost 20 years now. She was sick of her incontinence and had made up her mind to do something about it as pelvic floor exercises had stopped working a long time ago.

Seeing her back again - she was so happy! She was dry and back to enjoying life. She said she had a total of 2 panadol for pain relief after she went home and had ditched the pads. How I hate those ads on TV for "mild female incontinence"!

The same problem but two different paths to travel.

In future posts I'll discuss these issues further especially the TVT procedure itself and how I suspect the problem of severe incontinence is going to rise and not fall in the years to come. Until the next time!

- OB

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