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  • TVT and pelvic floor update.

    I intend to pressure the politicians and the company to bring back this option for women.  Join me.

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  • A real TVT story. By a real patient.

    The following was written by a woman who has had one of the last TVT slings available in the Hunter region. 

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  • Urgent and Shocking news for Women with incontinence.

    Any woman who plays sport or exercises and is having a first baby, I will now offer an elective caesarean section as protection for the pelvic floor.

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  • Celebrity Births

    Many surgeons are turned into gossips by long waits in hospital theatres where trashy magazines are the only thing to read.

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  • My First Blog Post!

    Hello and welcome to the first blog post.

    In this forum I'm going to concentrate on gynaecology rather than obstetrics.

    I do a lot of posting on babies in the Facebook page so please check it out - https://www.facebook.com/droliverbrown/

    For me last week was a tale of two women with stress incontinence - leaking with coughing or exercise - a hot topic just now with lawyers and journalists. One woman cancelled her planned surgery for the current gold standard treatment after reading stories in the newspaper that had raised fear and doubt in her mind regarding the TVT.

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