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Blacklisted Healthfunds.

Blacklisted Healthfunds.
Blacklisted Healthfunds.

As I mentioned in a earlier Facebook post the knifes have been out by many specialists for certain healthfunds who openly pay much less to Doctors than others.

They pay the hospital itself the same but will pay myself and my colleagues up to 50% what others will.

So from now 3 funds will be treated like you are uninsured with regard to having Gynaecology surgery by me.

This does not apply to Obstetric patients for now.

That means I won't be dealing with these funds in question and if you are having a Gynaecology procedure you will get a quote from me and then you will get the money back from your fund - whatever they pay.

The funds in question are...

1) Budget Direct

2) Frank

3) LaTrobe

Exceptions to this rule, who I will Gapcover no matter what fund they are in, are..

1) Previous obstetric patients who have completed their family with me or at JHH.   

2) Patients who are under the care of a certain GP who has such a long and special relationship with me I now consider them a friend.  

To be honest this will not affect many people as we have kept many of my patients wise to the tricks of some funds.

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